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Hoboken Public Library
Library Policies

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Policies Governing Use of the Library
The Policies Governing Use of the Hoboken Public Library by Library Users Click here for information about the Reading Garden

Collection Policy
The Collection policy of the Hoboken Public Library

Circulation Policy
The Circulation policy of the Hoboken Public Library

Policy on Public Use of Computers and the Internet
The Computer Use and Internet Policy of the Hoboken Public Library
Please note beginning on 5/7/18, patrons with library cards using the second floor public computers may add additional time to their sessions in incriminates of one hour, if there is no wait for that computer.  You must click “yes” when asked if you want to add time to your session in the pop message on the computer; the time will not be added automatically.  Patrons continue to only be guaranteed that each of their two possible sessions per day will be an hour*; additional time is only allowed subject to availability.  *The computers shut down automatically 15 minutes before closing so sessions close to closing may be truncated. Also the library is nolonger requiring IDs for computer use; patrons will now use courtesy passes as temporary library card numbers for that day to log into the computer for two sessions and to access their print jobs..

Interlibrary Policy
The Interlibrary policy of the Hoboken Public Library

Technology Lending Policy
The Technology Lending Policy of the Hoboken Public Library

Room Use Policy and Application Form

The Room Use Policy for the Hoboken Public Library

Social Media Policy
The Social Media Policy and Guidelines of the Hoboken Public Library

Confidentiality of Library Users' Records
Confidentiality of Library Users' Records in the New Jersey State Statutes

Volunteer Policy
The Hoboken Public Library Volunteer Program seeks to assist the Library staff in providing quality library service. Volunteers raise the visibility of the Library in the community by helping to create an awareness and understanding of the Library and its services. Volunteers perform varied duties as specified in individual job descriptions developed by Library supervisors. Please see the policy for further information and a volunteer application.

Fax Policy
Outgoing fax services are available on the second floor at the Hoboken Public Library Reference Department by appointment. Please see the policy for further details. 

Naming Opportunities
It is the policy of the Hoboken Public Library from time to time to recognize the generosity of an individual(s) and/or corporation(s), foundation and/or other donor(s) by choosing to create a specific naming designation for a collection, facility or portion of a facility. Naming opportunities are also available to honor a person’s significant service to the Library or to the society at large. Please see the policy for further details.

Rules and Procedures for Makerspace

Please note, for the safety and security of library visitors, staff, and library materials, patron may be asked to show the content of their bags. 




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