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Hoboken Public Library
The Gallery

The art and history gallery of the Hoboken Public Library is located at the second floor vestibule. Local artists submit their work for review and those who are selected are provided with enough space to stage a one-person show of their work. Each artist's work is shown for a month.
The gallery is free to all visitors to the library. Also featured are monthly historical or themed book displays.


The Hoboken Public Library is proud to present the works of the students of our Drawing Classes. In classes taught by Liz Cohen, Hoboken resident, president of hob’art co-operative gallery, and lifetime art teacher; the artists have been guided in a series of lessons to teach them basic drawing skills.

Cohen’s teaching is based on the tricks of the Renaissance masters, the basics that all artists use, and the science of Betty Edward’s author of Drawing on The Right Side of the Brain.

Many of the students enrolled in these classes had never put pencil to paper and through the series of skill lessons and repeated practice, they began to produce the excellent work on display.

Initially the artists drew objects and learned about proportion, shading, and perspective. Gradually they increased their abilities and began drawing from photographs. Finally a model was brought in and the students worked from life. First they drew the full figure and then worked on portraiture.

At the moment, the artists have begun self portraits and are really honing their skills. Portraiture is often considered the highest form of art and even the most inexperienced students have graduated to this level.

The old adage, “Practice makes perfect," holds true with drawing as with any other skill. The more one draws the better one gets!

Please enjoy our show. These artists have much to be proud of! Join us for a special closing reception on March 4 at 2 PM.

Rotating Collection

Picturing America at the Hoboken Public Library
In 2008, as part of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), We the People Program’s Picturing America initiative, the Hoboken Public Library received 40 prints of the nation’s most significant historical artwork to put on display at the library.  Bruce Cole, NEA Chairman, describes them as “a valuable resource that can help bring the past alive.”  The prints will be displayed in the second floor vestibule on a rotating basis in between our displays by local artists.

Also currently on display in the glass case are some pictures of the current renovation process as well as bottles, found while renovating, that likely date to when the building was first erected.



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