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Hoboken Public Library
The Gallery

The art gallery of the Hoboken Public Library is located in the second floor vestibule. Local artists submit their work for review and those who are selected are provided with enough space to stage a one-person show of their work. Each artist's work is shown for a month.
The gallery is free to all visitors to the library.

Artwork of Mihaela Colibasu
Throughout July we will be featuring the beautiful artwork of Mihaela Coibasu. On Wednesday, July 11 at 12 PM, there will be an art reception with light refreshments.

This artwork is part of a watercolor series titled “Commuters.” After moving to the metropolitan area, Mihaela became fascinated with how frantic public transportation can get and decided to capture these moments in her paintings. The idea of traveling together in a tight space, seeing different faces with different emotions, and paying attention to unseen details made her explore this ‘world’—one that seems suspended in time and embedded in a chaotic routine.

The fast-moving world fuels her work and allows her to explore dynamic compositions. Mihaela uses traditional materials, combining ink, markers, watercolor and pencils to capture the beautiful chaos surrounding us. She hopes that her recent body of work can inspire people to become acute observers and discover beauty in unusual places.


Rotating Collection

Picturing America at the Hoboken Public Library
In 2008, as part of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), We the People Program’s Picturing America initiative, the Hoboken Public Library received 40 prints of the nation’s most significant historical artwork to put on display at the library.  Bruce Cole, NEA Chairman, describes them as “a valuable resource that can help bring the past alive.”  The prints will be displayed in the second floor vestibule on a rotating basis in between our displays by local artists.



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