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Hoboken Public Library
Hoboken Public Library Fax Policy

Hoboken Public Library Fax Policy
Fax services are available on the second floor at the Hoboken Public Library Reference Department.  The appointment to use fax services can be made in person at the reference desk, by phone at 201-420-2347, or via email to  A valid email address is required for sending faxes.  If patron does not have an email, staff will assist in creating one; this may require an additional appointment.

Faxing Cost
$1.00 per page including cover page paid prior to faxing.  Each fax is limited to 10 pages at a time.

Fax Use Policy
The patron must have the fax number ready before asking for the use of machine.  The patrons may not leave materials in the Library to be sent at a later time.

The patron, not the library, is solely responsible for all content of the documents faxed.  The library's name, address, email, or telephone may not be used as their official address or contact information.

The Library will not be responsible for the loss of documents sent, due to equipment failure on the library part or on the part of the telecommunications company, wireless services, or other Fax providers.
The Library and staff does not have access to the faxed documents, but only the number of pages sent.  Although every effort will be made to insure privacy of handled documents, the Library and its employees will not be responsible for the loss or privacy of Faxed documents.

The library will only send outgoing faxes.  The library will not receive incoming faxes.

Approved April 2016




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