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Celebrate the Historic Hoboken Public Library
On October 2, 1890 the Hoboken Public Library first opened its doors as a free public library serving residents of Hoboken in the First National Bank. A few years later in 1897, the Hoboken Public Library opened in its own building, which still stands today.  The current Hoboken Public Library Building turned 120 this year! On October 2, 2017 the Library is celebrating the 127th Anniversary with a Grand Opening Celebration of the new programing space in the building's renovated lower level!

In Honor of the Library’s 125th Anniversary
On October 2, 2015 the Library hosted a community Birthday celebration with cake and a story time for children.  It was a delightful event and we received praise for the library from patrons of all ages. The Hoboken Public Library Foundation and the Friends of the Library hosted a 125th Celebration Fundraiser, which was attended by approximately 150 people on October 17, 2015.  It was a lovely celebration, our beautiful library looked enchanting, and all had a wonderful time.   We would like to thank the Hoboken Public Library Foundation and the Friends of the Hoboken Public Library for organizing this wonderful event, and the guests for participating.

In honor of the Hoboken Public Library's 120th Birthday we asked patrons to send us their favorite library memory, experience, or something that he/she loved about the Hoboken Public Library.

John O. said: The staff's friendliness is a constant favorite library memory.

Emma said: Books! (the kid's section) even though most of your books wouldn't last me a week, they're great!

Corrine said: My Favorite Library Memory was taking out my favorite book when I was younger which was Monster Munchies.

Sonia M. said: Happy B’day HPL….Long Live HPL!!!
HPL is simply awesome. I come here regularly for the past two years.  All the staff is excellent and very friendly.  They offer enriching and stimulating sessions for the kids.  My son simply loves it.
I thank HPL for all its special efforts to make education & learning so much fun & interesting.  Wish you all success!

Lisa K. and Aran A. said: Our most special library memory is of Gloria reading children's books to the toddlers, followed by a craft activity. Gloria's bright smile and kind, gentle manner created such a warm, welcoming, and fun atmosphere for the children and their parents/ caregivers. My son and I still fondly reminisce the days of climbing up the stairs to the the children's floor, to be greeted by Rosalie, who would always chat a bit, before we'd head off to the children's story/craft hour with Gloria. Through the years both Rosalie and Gloria have been such a lovely and important part of our library experience. Their presence and their guidance to find the right books have made coming to the Hoboken library such nice parts our our lives. Thank you!

Rachel S. said she loves: "The Kids Section!"

Anonymous said: I love everything about the Hoboken Library. And everyone who works here is wonderful.

Anonymous said: I was able to spend hours reading in my room as a teenager because I had access to our local library (walking distance from my house). It was a tiny library but they had all the collections I needed like the Babysitter's Club.

John O.said his favorite library memory, experience, or something he loves about the library is "the friendly & supportive staff".

Naomi S. said: Something I love about this library is their staff. There always willing to help you if you need anything.

Michele S. said: My favorite memory is when I came here in summer 09 and checked my summer reading book out. I came to this library in the summer a lot.

Angel M. said: My favorite Library memory is the Magic Show.

John M. said: My memory's are all the fine people I've worked with over the years. I've met many friends over the years. We had a lot of laughs and I've lost a lot of friends over the years. But they will stay with me over the years and they always will.

Caren M. said: I've been coming to the Hoboken Library to take out books and cds since I moved here at age 23 and everyone has always been great. Now I'm 40 and have two published books of my own and still come here all the to check out the competition-ha ha!

Helen M. said: The people at the front desk are such good, caring (and brilliant) people who make visitors feel special.

120th Anniversary Adult Summer Reading Program
In Honor of the Library's 120th Birthday, for the first time the library had a Summer Reading Program for Adults as well as our usual Children and Young Adult Programs. The Hoboken Public Library’s First-Annual Adult Summer Reading Program took place July 5th – August 26. 37 library patrons signed up for the program. Participants submitted their ‘books’, although audiobooks and ebooks were also welcome, along with their review. Weekly prizes were drawn randomly during the 8-week program and the 3 readers with the most pages read at the end of the contest were awarded grand prize baskets.
In First place –     Joanna H. with 4,710 pages
In Second place – Myrna K. with 4,094 pages
In Third Place -    Erika K. with 3,697 pages

To cap off the program an End-of-Summer Party was held on September 8th for our readers, Writer’s Critique group and local authors. Grand Prize winners were also announced at the party. In total, 48,441 pages were read during the program and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of our readers for participating.

Teen 120th Birthday Poetry Contest Winners

Hoboken teens in grades 6-12 were asked to write a poem about libraries or reading. Below are the first, second, and third place winners. The teens had a reading of their work on Oct. 29.

Tracy Sims                   Hoboken High School


I see books ahead of me.
People are reading books and writing poems.
I like that we can’t talk on our phones.
I go to the library sometimes when I need to get away
From the noise and drama of home every day.

Natalie Papa                 Elysian School

The Owl

Its stone wings sit still and quiet
For the night will be a riot
When day goes and comes
The owl will be summoned.
Its blue fire eyes
Will hatch from the concrete depth where he lies
Wings of flaming silver burst into flight
As it swoops into the night
For to leave the library be.

Silver angel with a heart that stands still,
Fly gracefully to my window sill.
It peers
Without boldness or fears.
It flies off into Hoboken town.
With neither a grimace nor a frown.

As twilight alarms that is soon to be,
The owl dashes to the library.
The silver angel sets wings on the rocky perch with such grace.
Then it turns to stone from claw to face.
The stone wings sit still and quiet
For the next night will be a riot

Christopher Rodriguez  Hoboken High School


I am filled with knowledge
I am filled with wisdom
I am filled with literature that all glisten in the sun
Many enter me from small to large
And many come to study the stars
I am one of many for we are important
Helping the young sell their minds in this time of recession.
No need to buy it’s like blockbuster, you borrow
Everything is free from the books to movies
From audio books to the computers, you see
But to get these luxuries to make you grow into a bard
You need a library card.

Owl Naming and Bookmark Contest Winners

Winners of the children’s owl bookmark contest were announced at our raptor event in October. The winning bookmark was drawn by Lilly Marsh. 

Winner Owl Bookmark Contest

The name contest was a tie, and the names of the two entries were combined.  Daniel Vanderland submitted the name “Lord Readalot.”  Cara Rosner submitted the name “Oliver Owl.” 

Winner Owl Naming Contest

Winner Owl Naming Contest

An honorary mention was awarded to Matthew Leong.

Honorable Mention Bookmark Contest



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